Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remove Crayon, Marker and Sticky Residue with this Non-Toxic, Odor-Free Ingredient!

Here's a quick tip to get things rolling....

I apologize, the title sounds like those pop up adds you see everywhere "Cure wrinkles with this one weird old trick!"  But it's true...just one simple ingredient, found in every household....can dissolve sticky gunk from the top of your ventilating hood, and wipe away little Lucy's artwork on the dining room window...what is it?? Don't be disappointed,'s oil.......I'm not even going to say "Expeller Pressed Extra Extra Virgin Olive Oil" or anything like that....almost ANY old cooking oil will do!

Just follow these simple steps:
 1) Add the oil directly to the surface, or pour a little on a rag or paper towel
 2) let it sit for a while if you like, or start rubbing away, and
 3) go over the whole thing with a clean paper towel to soak up any left over oil

This is an old white board I restored:

Now be aware, the surface you are cleaning needs to be relatively smooth and NON POROUS, or this will either not work, or you will be leaving behind an oil stain where you previously had ink.  Fabric, or wood (unless it is well varnished) is not a prime candidate for this cleaning process!

The negatives...Oil can be a little more expensive than...let's say....baking soda. It probably requires a little more elbow grease than the chemical alternatives too.  And, like I mentioned above, you can't use it to de-gunk everything.

The positives....Oil is all natural, non-toxic, non abrasive or corrosive, odorless, fairly cheap and always handy.  Here are some other things I have cleaned this way:

The top of my kitchen hood (I took a picture, then decided you really didn't want to see that...) 
Ink off the front of my fridge, and my toddler's plastic bed 
Ink and band-aid residue from my little girl's arm, foot, leg fingers, etc.
Sticky gunk around the edge of my bathtub and sink
I've removed labels from glass jars
Removed 50 year-old sticky residue from an antique sign  
Cleaned up bees wax stuck to my stove top (a little baking soda added to the oil really helped with this one!)
Removed tape residue from my windows and a fish tank

I'm sure there are many other applications.  So, next time you run across something sticky or marked-up, choose a natural alternative to "goo-gone"--reach for your oil bottle! (then tell me all about it in the comments below)

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