Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Christmas 1988

Though we were about the same size in school, you never saw us wearing each others clothes...mine were too bright, hers were too tight (wranglers)...we just didn't share the same taste! She played in band, I sang in choir.  I was on the dance team, she ran cross country.  
I went to art school, she became a CNA. My house is pretty messy, hers is tidy and sanitized. I live in the woods, she lives on the range.   I love contemporary folk music, she likes Country Western.

Halloween 2002

However, the more we live apart, the more we find we have in common....we’re really two sides to the same coin. We both love living in the country (especially in Montana). We're both busy moms of four as well as entrepreneurs.  We love to craft and decorate with antiques and cast-off materials.   We share the same pioneer ancestry, and like our ancestors we both rely on faith in God.  

We both garden, make homemade bread, use a dehydrator, and can. We love to experiment with new recipes and we choose natural alternatives for food, health, cleaning and beauty.  We are fiercely independent, get to work kind of gals and we want to make the most of the little time we have.  


So, as we post our recipes, crafting project and home-making ideas you’ll often see two ways to do the same thing.  Why did I choose dairy goats, when she'd rather have a milk cow?  What's the best home-made moisturizer for oily skin, how about dry?  You’ll probably also recognize our different styles...hers is Western Chic, mine is playful and vintage.   Both reflect the country, both are good--just different! So, pick and choose which way suits your lifestyle best, or take our knowledge and apply your own style!  I can't wait to see what we all create together!
                                                                                Chelsey Rose

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