Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Leaf Garland

I love the changing seasons....especially summer to fall!  The air is crisp but not frigid, the colors are brilliant and energizing,  and of course there are all the wonderful tastes and smells involved with the harvest season! 

Montana has such a short fall, I relish every minute of it! The kids and I got an early start on autumn this year by making this easy, pretty garland, and bringing some of the fall color inside.

1) Walking in the woods and bringing home colorful treasures is one of the funnest parts about this project! We started to look for leaves as soon as they started to change color, because we wanted to be certain that we would have enough leaves in good shape.  Try to find leaves that are mostly whole and clean.

 2) Gather paper...White copy paper works fine, but if you can find some light-weight brown paper it adds a rustic touch to the project. Paper bags from the grocery store are a little too heavy. But lunch bags work fine.  This paper was used as packing material in a box I received in the mail.

3) Oh! And you'll also need crayons in fall colors, a hole punch and some twine.  Crayola crayons work best. We tried some brand X and were not very happy with the results. Place a leaf under your paper, and rub away! Try not to let the leaves move under the paper

4)  After covering your paper with colorful leaf rubbings, cut them out as neatly as you can.

4) Next, punch two holes at the top of each leaf. The holes should be about 1/4" apart. Lay your leaves down in the order you want them to be in. 

 5) Tie a little loop at one end of your twine. Also, tie an over hand knot about 3 or 4 inches past the loop. Laying the leaf face up, thread the twine up through the first hole, then down the second hole.

6) Slide the leaf along the twine to the first knot you tied.  Turn the leaf over and tie another overhand knot. These knots will keep your leaves from sliding together when they're hung up.


7) Next, tie another knot 3-4 inches down the twine, near the spot you want the next leaf to hang. Thread on another leaf and continue until you're done.

8) Tie another loop at the end of your garland and you're ready to hang it up wherever you please!


All-in-all this was a fun fall project...easy enough for the kids to help and it had a really pretty result. What a nice little break from canning and baking :) 

                                                                                                               Chelsey Rose